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Saturday, October 09, 2004

My answers to Jacek Mrowczyk's questions

Jacek Mrowczyk is editor of 2+3D magazine & i met him In Tehran during the 8th tehran Poster Biennial.He sent me some questions for an article about Iran which published recently....
1. What is inspiring for you during your design process? Who is your hero in design world?
I do lots of photography during the design process, then I work on typography, after that i mix them with each other I liked David Carson's when I was younger, Now I'm interested in MM Paris Design & uwe loecsh, among Iranian designers , I like Reza Abedini & Ghobad Shiva because I have been learning a lot from them & I still can do now

2. Is it important for you to keep Iranian character (stylistic) of your work?
Not that much because I'm living in another period of time & I hate to absorb the world's attention this way its a long story [just like our cinema] while western collectors, curators & art director are paying attention to this co called character which is recently being wasted be new Iranian designer by using the old images with lack of knowledge & concept & just for show off or for the international festivals' tastes
I have to mention these new waves of looking at the Middle East [we are in the news everyday] in west caused the world's view to searching on the surface not deep in side just as the news reporters are looking at it & promoting this to the world.

3. How deep influence has non figurative Islamic art?
I think this background caused us to imagine better than the other designers but I pushed us into abstract images & motifs, I work with photography so I can't be much non figurative designer, for me those influences could be useful in layouts & typography because of our heavy back ground in calligraphy...

4. Very often I could find Latin typography together with Arabic letters. Which typography (Latin or Persian) has bigger potential for creativity?
perhaps every good designer likes to work with his own letters the Persian typography is a little bit different because our basic unit in typography isn't letters but the words, We design [if we design?! many Iranian designers still use the ready fonts which are available & few & ugly ] each word by its connections & its own atmosphere so we have more space to change or create something out of it, its harder than working on letters like Latin typography but the result in my opinion will be brighter & deeper.

5. How looks like Iranian market for graphic designers? Is it easy in Iran to start your own company? Is it possible only in big cities?

I can't tell exactly cause we are bad surrounded by low type & low taste cheap un educated designers[?!], advertising companies & many rules & there are some permission committees in the government that we have to pass to show our creativities in our design, another problem is the clients who are not aware of the importance of the good design they are some companies in every filed which simply employ some students or some in expensive technician to do perform the manager's idea with out the normal design fee that they have to pay if they work a professional designer, as the result our advertising out put is awful the only hope is the cultural activates which are no very well paid projects , so we can not easily depend on that too. yes the only big cites can have such studios because the money is there, I've been traveling In Iran during past 4 months I visited many cities the were full of advertising companies or even print shops which are offering the design as a discount to their clients, no idea, no creativities, nothing.

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