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Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Random Post for guardian talk found on pc today

"Routines can cause me massive sadness... I often try to take a different routs coming home...."

Wow! This is just like the way I lived my life since 9 years now just after I finished the high school! Every day I'm trying to do something new some thing that I've never done before! Or other wise I feel I'm trapped inside a useless circle … by living this way it was always hard for me to remain in a position/job for any period of time longer that 3 months! I only can accept short term projects & that's why I can't make sure to earn a fixed income in a month. It's like an adventure to be able to stay unstable but reliable!

Oh, My bad English again , of course the show did happened in Feb. 2004 in 2 galleries in 2 different locations one for the typography & photos (Atbin gallery) The other one Azad gallery was for the video & audio installation plus 5 performances ...
I was not satisfied with the result totally because I didn't let myself to select the people's submission, they are were accepted but a few pieces that the gallery owners deicide not to show for their own reasons, It was my first big curatorial project & my idea was to present an slice of what we -a new generation of Iranian contemporary artist, (what an ambitious title & what an ambitious goal!!!) - have to show to our audience!

But about "How do we represent pain killers?"
I think it not nessesrily meant to be a kind of pain killer
But some time the creation just make us feel better (for a weak example! don't you think it's pretty hard to tell if your neighbor didn't give birth to his sons, the life was much harder for her?) I know that its not fair to cause problems for others for the sake of solving one self's problem (here problem of being or living in this miserable world) , but when we are trying to change/create something to get rid of our current situation, (here some may create artworks or at least some artwork like stuff) I think It's an act for survival & in this hard attempt, it makes sense to me to have some thing like pain killer "that calms you down and/or let you continue" I believe we are surrounded by many type of Pain killer ranging from your favorite TV channel to cherry Ice cream & a from your newspaper to drugs! You add any sport, holidays, hobbies & etc to the list! They all work well; you only need to find the ones that really fit! They meant to set our mind on something else instead what is really going on (at least for short period of time!)
I might have sound a bit crazy in the previous paragraph but I've been thinking of this for a long time what do you think?

By any chance are you online? Reza!
It's depressing Friday evening in Tehran! I don't remember that it was sunny or cloudy...
I remembered to refer a short story about that clown who went to a psychologist, because he couldn't laugh any more, The psychologist offer him a ticket & said: There is a big circus in town take this ticket & I'm sure that you be laughing on the floor only if you see their clown!
He answered: I can't accept this sir! I can't watch the show while I'm performing it!

I don't mean that we are in entertainment business! but sometimes the sweetness of creating something may last very shortly ...