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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

group exhibition on Bijeh: the murderer of 17 children

Bijeh the murderer of 17 children & his profile is a theme of a group exhibition, Behrang Samadzadegan is curator of the exhibition I have some typography poster there & I joined the show recently. I don’t know mush about the other contributors but he says this show is trying to bring peace among the new generation of contemporary artists, I hope so. I would like to be independent rather than famous & rich!!!
I created a community in Orkut: Anti TMCA mafia TMCA is the Tehran museum of contemporary art!
More soon!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Digital Divide

I was sold in this center
Of media-Art
Commercialized by the customs I wear
Advertised by the guitar I play
Walking around, every one is tagged
Back of every each of us a brand is dragged

I can't visit you on-line
It's the digital divide

I live in an interior designed
Walking around with shower-proof disguise
Followed by a hi-tech advice
On my PC display rolling dice
Now they surround you with their web-cams
Dream-works through your head-bangs
To kill myself or stay alive
Both feels like suicide

And I can't visit you on-line
It’s the digital divide
I'm cyberactively numb
The digital divide

Words by Sohrab Mohebbi

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

13 video artworks From Iran In New Dehli

13 video artworks From Iran In New Dehli
Iranian Viedo artworks in india curated by Dr. Hamid Severi (I was his student in the Azad University...) TMCA's curator with some arworks of these folks: Farid jafari, Barbad Golshiri,Rozita Sharaf jahan, Neda Razavipour,Daryoush Mehrjoee, Mania Akbari,Simin Keramati, Maryam Niazadeh,Seyfolah Samadian,Ebrahim Haghighi,Zohreh Eskandari & Morteza Darebaghi,I refused to send artworks to him to review as I am not acceptbale one & I'm not his friend &I hate all these TMCA things & stuffs,aslo in my opinion a curator should find the artists but here evertything is upside down, artists mostly find the curator sitting in his office & they ask him to accept them (this is just like begging some times). Amoung these collection Rozita Sharafjahan's video artworks [deep depression] was shown once in her own gallery the Tarahan Azad art gallery Tehran Feb 2004 (the exhibition which I curated), Farid Jafari who makes video artworks for many so called iranian video artists specially the Group 30+'s members called once & said: He (severi) wants to review the artworks wanna come i said no cause a good curator should come after these things not me! I meant visiting the exhibitions, going to artists' studios & ... is their job! ( As many international cuartors came here to parkingallery to see our artworks) We don't have to wait at their door! & this is the result there is no image in the news just some lines & no feed back, that's all!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

My answers to Jacek Mrowczyk's questions

Jacek Mrowczyk is editor of 2+3D magazine & i met him In Tehran during the 8th tehran Poster Biennial.He sent me some questions for an article about Iran which published recently....
1. What is inspiring for you during your design process? Who is your hero in design world?
I do lots of photography during the design process, then I work on typography, after that i mix them with each other I liked David Carson's when I was younger, Now I'm interested in MM Paris Design & uwe loecsh, among Iranian designers , I like Reza Abedini & Ghobad Shiva because I have been learning a lot from them & I still can do now

2. Is it important for you to keep Iranian character (stylistic) of your work?
Not that much because I'm living in another period of time & I hate to absorb the world's attention this way its a long story [just like our cinema] while western collectors, curators & art director are paying attention to this co called character which is recently being wasted be new Iranian designer by using the old images with lack of knowledge & concept & just for show off or for the international festivals' tastes
I have to mention these new waves of looking at the Middle East [we are in the news everyday] in west caused the world's view to searching on the surface not deep in side just as the news reporters are looking at it & promoting this to the world.

3. How deep influence has non figurative Islamic art?
I think this background caused us to imagine better than the other designers but I pushed us into abstract images & motifs, I work with photography so I can't be much non figurative designer, for me those influences could be useful in layouts & typography because of our heavy back ground in calligraphy...

4. Very often I could find Latin typography together with Arabic letters. Which typography (Latin or Persian) has bigger potential for creativity?
perhaps every good designer likes to work with his own letters the Persian typography is a little bit different because our basic unit in typography isn't letters but the words, We design [if we design?! many Iranian designers still use the ready fonts which are available & few & ugly ] each word by its connections & its own atmosphere so we have more space to change or create something out of it, its harder than working on letters like Latin typography but the result in my opinion will be brighter & deeper.

5. How looks like Iranian market for graphic designers? Is it easy in Iran to start your own company? Is it possible only in big cities?

I can't tell exactly cause we are bad surrounded by low type & low taste cheap un educated designers[?!], advertising companies & many rules & there are some permission committees in the government that we have to pass to show our creativities in our design, another problem is the clients who are not aware of the importance of the good design they are some companies in every filed which simply employ some students or some in expensive technician to do perform the manager's idea with out the normal design fee that they have to pay if they work a professional designer, as the result our advertising out put is awful the only hope is the cultural activates which are no very well paid projects , so we can not easily depend on that too. yes the only big cites can have such studios because the money is there, I've been traveling In Iran during past 4 months I visited many cities the were full of advertising companies or even print shops which are offering the design as a discount to their clients, no idea, no creativities, nothing.

About parkingallery in its 2nd anniversary!

Parkingallery is a Tehran based independent art space founded by Amirali Ghasemi in 1998 in a parking area of a residential apartment. Parkingallery started initially as design studio, to help young Iranian visual artists through their exhibitions by designing the invitation cards, making portfolios & booking galleries and later by designing web sites [iranian profile] to introduce young talent. During this period we held several exhibitions in the parking area. [the actual parkingallery] Parkingallery also started some audio visual projects such Parkingallery video tryouts & the Meera project . We are grateful for the support of these people while parkingallery was setting out: Navid Ghaemmaghami , Nariman Amiri , Nazli Ataei & Yasser Raad .

In Sep 2002 Amirali Ghasemi, Borzoo Forootan & Armin Zoghi started the project as an online gallery to present a brand new generation of graphic designers, photographer & contemporary artists. Drawing & photography sessions & web design classes were also held in this period.

In Feb 2004 parkingallery held its 1st annual exhibition around the theme of ‘deep depression' with international participants producing video & audio installations, photography, performance & typography. In March 2004 parkingallery took over the 127 project, started by Reza Haeri in 2002, documenting the progress of the Tehran band 127.

As we reach the second anniversary of, we have more than 20 active artists; a new generation of Iranian contemporary artists. We seek to provide an international platform for independent, creative artists.

Parkingallery Team Sep 2004

Friday, October 08, 2004

PICCOLO band dot com | Persian Rock Band ...

PICCOLO band dot com | Persian Rock Band ...I haven't heard their music but the design of the site sounds good!!! I dont like the messy hand writing like typos but the structure is good & the colors work well together... but the site is killingly slow! Now its 3 AM & its the fastest time I ever connected but...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Parkingallery NEWS...Arash Hanaei's Photos in Silkroad Art Gallery

Parkingallery NEWS...

Arash Hanaei's Photos in Silkroad Art Gallery Oct. 6-24, 2004. Opening -5:00 to 8:30 PM. Sat. to Wed. from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Thur. from 4:00 to 7:00 PM
Click here to see his photos on parkingallery
Arash Hanei

Add: No 112, Lavasani Ave. (Farmanieh)
Tehran 19368-39631, Iran Tel: +9821 272 7010 Fax: +9821 272 7011

Monday, October 04, 2004

our poster exhibition in

THE IRANIAN: Here and there our poster exhibition in
All of us with Reza Abedini in Mehrin art Gallery.

parkingallery version2 is ready

Tehran art expo

no commentIs this realy a web site related to ART?what do you think?I will write more as I visit this messy so called art gig!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Live from the IRIS

my post for the I-gizmo contest : SOLITUDE
I missed one contest Music but you can check that as well, as far as i know I'm writing these for no one, as no one is cheking my blog, so please if you read these lines drop me a comment!!