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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Deeper Depression - call for entry

Parkingallery Presents:
Deeper Depression
A Group Contemporary Art Practice

Categories of submission are
A - New Media (Video / Audio / Interactive / Web)
In this category we accept demos for review (on CD/DVD/VHS), videos less than 6 min will have the opportunity to be played on our large screen, otherwise if you are about to submit a video artwork which is longer than 6 min we recommend you to set up your own TV plus VCD/DVD player in the gallery. We also accept Audio Artworks if they are less than 2 MB can be sent by e-mail & the one which are bigger must be send via post.
Interactive artworks should be mailed to us on a CD or if they are web based they can be uploaded in a website & the link can be submitted by e-mail.
B - Performance
Performance Projects can be submitted on paper including synopsis / concept, plus any kind of documentation like Photo, film & any other visual material is recommended.
C - Photography
We accept photos as individual or series less than 4 as Digital files for review, the area which is reserved for each photographer is 1.5 meters of wall in width.
D - Typography
Typographers are asked to send their artwork via e-mail or by post A4 (72 DPI for Email or An A4 Print for Post) the final size for the artworks will be 70x100 or 50x70 (Width X Height).
E - Flash Fiction
Flash Fiction, texts less than 500 words are accepted, the submissions should be typed & Emailed to us. A booklet of selected stories will be published within the period of exhibition.
F - Illustration/Painting
Digital photos are accepted for the review & should be mailed or e-mailed to us. The area which is reserved for each artist is 1.5 meters of wall in width.

Note 1: We also accept documentation videos of performances, installations & happenings…
Note 2: Photographers, illustrators, typographers and writers can work as a team & submit the result to the deeper depression project for example by illustrating a flash fiction or by using typography for a short story.
Note 3: We ask the international participants to send us a high resolution files as well to help us to produce a high quality large format print for the exhibition. National participants are also able to use discount from our sponsors.

15 May 2006

Address: No. 11, 4th Milad alley, Milad street, Dadman (Poonak Bakhtari) Blvd. Shahrak-e-Gharb Tehran 1468644371 Iran

Please send your Digital submissions to info[at]parkingallery[dot]com If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know: amiralionly[at]gmail[dot]com or Parkingallery Studio: +98 21 8 8077343