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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Live from the IRIS me & Nariman isn't it great?
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts | Hockney hits out at photography
Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | The camera today?You can't trust it. Hockney sparks a debatewhat is uncle david saing I can't understand? Is hockney tired? these digital cameras made me more powerfull to experience almost for free...
I starting a photo blog with my old friend Nariman I will put the link for him very soon !!

Friday, March 26, 2004

Z MAN Famous Zartosht Soltani !! let take a closer look to his site...!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

>----Deepression art; a multimedia project by parkingallery...
A review of a strange exhibition might be interesting if you put some the facts which are strange but easy to understand, when you enter the exhibition you will face a black suitcase full of fiction in the middle of the stairs, the papers are dropped here and there and if you pick up one of the you can easily read a title " Depression".
Then when you turn and go down the rest of stairs you will face a man which his face is like the dead people working on a grave stone, around him are filled by many candles… as it can be read on his grave stone his name is Omid Bamdad & he died today. He is presenting the visitors a box full of dates as Iranian tradition in moaning after some one who passed away…
Just after you met this dead guy you will meet a bride (angelo di morte) her name is Tinoush Shariat Panahi, walking around the exhibition hall with deadly silence her face is white instead of her eyes which are looking around to hunt!
End of part one
Amirali Ghasemi
To be continued