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Monday, April 25, 2005

Lomo LC-A // the show is over // the show must go on

Lomo LC-A // the show is over // the show must go onThe Bad News: Lomo LC-A Production has stopped

Listen closely and take a seat. Here is the bad news first. The original and one-and-only Lomo LC-A camera has been taken out of production. Some of the most beautiful items ever created (the original VW bug, Constellation, Tupolev, Concorde and Illushin airplanes, Polaroid SX-70's, Olivetti typewriters, Lambretta scooters, Commodore 64 computers, Wacker Innsbruck, etc.) have disappeared despite the enormous love and respect that they command. According to the LC-A's Russian factory (LOMO PLC), the LC-A has proven too expensive to continue given their existing structure. As they no longer produce any cameras outside of the LC-A, they lost key manufacturing synergies. Engineers and craftsmen experienced in 35mm cameras are a dying breed. Wages and energy costs have skyrocketed. Our beloved LC-A consists of 450 individual parts, and is extremely labor-intensive to construct. The days of its precise assembly by hand have come to an end and its production is no longer cost-effective within their new structure.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just After Boring Holidays

I'm back again I'm working on a new weblog in persian too, that's why I'm not writing here often. But forgive me I promise to update this on time & here is some NEWS
I have my Yellow poster for our video exhibition in Chamount's International competition ...
I'm working on my website to a total re-new I will be available soon I made a set of new poster with that illustrations which I MADE in Feb .We will have 3 exhibitions in spring
2 poster exhibitions in the holy city of Qom in a caltural center & another in Isfahan's contemporaray art museum ... the 1st one is realy excites me as Qom is like Vatican with a totaly religious atmosphere I'm looking forward to see how they think about our posters ....
we are adding some new poster to that CHARGOUSH exhibition which we had in Mashhad ...
& Reza abedini is on tour around the world .... here & there in workshops &
exhibitions ...
The other exhibition includes some video artworks & some installations ... We are 3 graphic designers, one video artist & one musician ... I'm working on a video artwork based on neon types in Tehran oposite to some of my photos the other designers are NAZGOL ANSARI NIA ( I will post A page for her soon on parkingallery she is very clever & talented she studied in UK & USA & now she teaches in a univercity in Tehran ) & Iman RAAD

Live from the IRIS

Live from the IRISNina & Amirali