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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

a part of our Sappi proposal

"...We aim to take graphics out of books & galleries & studios where handful of people get to see them & put it out thereon the streets of our city where it belongs, where millions be exposed to the possibilities it offers.

There are hundreds of billboards in every corner of Tehran but what gets posted on them begs to be injected with the pure energy & vitality of great artists working in this field.

We plan to have a giant exhibit of these artists whose work would be displayed on carefully selected & strategically located boards around the town (along with our own work) for a definite period of time...."

winds of changes

Neda ISP has filtered the so many Iranian user who use their services can't visit my photo blog, and there are many other small IPSs who use neda's services as big provider has the same problem,I sent an Email to Neda support the said they did it acourding to Smart Filter's database!!! and they promised to fix it very soon but the problem is still remianed. as 57% of my visitors are from Iran ... so you can guess....

Monday, August 23, 2004

I turned it on I mean the comments this is a test is there any body out there?
Sappi Ideas that Matter - Europe 2004 Grant recipients Parkingallery did not recieved the this year's grant I will post the details of our proposal very soon....
Koozeh in Photo This is Kabeh's photoblog my new friend

Saturday, August 14, 2004

my latest photo in I-gizmo: Light explored in a cup
the god damn smart filter's database categorized I-gizmo as site to be filtered so some of my iranian visitors [who use Neda network ISP]may not be able to see this page !!!! I told them once but they did fix it but i think every time they update thier filter list the problem repeats....
The Lonely Rave Shervin's weblog my old pal, he writes in english...