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Saturday, October 09, 2004

About parkingallery in its 2nd anniversary!

Parkingallery is a Tehran based independent art space founded by Amirali Ghasemi in 1998 in a parking area of a residential apartment. Parkingallery started initially as design studio, to help young Iranian visual artists through their exhibitions by designing the invitation cards, making portfolios & booking galleries and later by designing web sites [iranian profile] to introduce young talent. During this period we held several exhibitions in the parking area. [the actual parkingallery] Parkingallery also started some audio visual projects such Parkingallery video tryouts & the Meera project . We are grateful for the support of these people while parkingallery was setting out: Navid Ghaemmaghami , Nariman Amiri , Nazli Ataei & Yasser Raad .

In Sep 2002 Amirali Ghasemi, Borzoo Forootan & Armin Zoghi started the project as an online gallery to present a brand new generation of graphic designers, photographer & contemporary artists. Drawing & photography sessions & web design classes were also held in this period.

In Feb 2004 parkingallery held its 1st annual exhibition around the theme of ‘deep depression' with international participants producing video & audio installations, photography, performance & typography. In March 2004 parkingallery took over the 127 project, started by Reza Haeri in 2002, documenting the progress of the Tehran band 127.

As we reach the second anniversary of, we have more than 20 active artists; a new generation of Iranian contemporary artists. We seek to provide an international platform for independent, creative artists.

Parkingallery Team Sep 2004

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