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Friday, July 08, 2005

Parkingallery: Exhibition & Event Reviews

Group Portrait exhibition by Shahab Fotouhi, Neda Razavipour, Jinoos Tagizadeh, Barbad Golshiri Behrang Samadzadegan June 24- July 6 Khak Art Gallery, TehranAssemblage; It wasn't an outstanding exhibition at all! I can easily call it an assemblage; by knowing this fact which some of the participating artists owe a big debt to circle of e-magazine for their support promotion & some other contribute frequently for the magazine.

While Jinoos tagizadeh & Behrang Samadzadegan are repeating their semi successful careers in previous exhibitions, Heavy influence of literature on Barbad Golshiri's artworks never left him alone; Fascinated by himself to death standing with his funny award to pose all that he has in his hands, plus quoting is an almost old-fashion trick these days (any one can read philosophy books!), that it seems that he can't can't avoid because of his celebrity-like success during past two years; Yes they are self portraits but although the message is lost & they can't go any further than large format printed show offs ... but to be honest we have to wait & see the artist's collection "odyssey - I ".

Census by Shahab Fotouhi & Neda Razavipour was made to be shown in Colombia University few years ago & it's a little bit carelessly edited: "We still have a bunch of unused materials ..." says Neda Razavipour. The whole story was filmed during their big big project with atisaz residential complex. Masoume Mozafari's old portraits can't connect visitor's mind with any other artworks in the exhibition.they are as good as always but what they are doing here among these so called post modern artworks?!

The curator(s) the exhibition can't be proud on this unless believing (or claiming) that these are an un-perceptible variety of pieces ranging from rubbish to fine artworks under title of a portrait exhibition!

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