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Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Word for word" video Installation by Amirali Ghasemi (installed in azad art gallery ,Tehran; Transition :Installation in Azad Art Gallery TehranA light torch was given to every visitor who wanted to participate in the installation, then the attendees were asked to stand in front of the camera while a video collection of random short clips, taken of Tehran's flickering neon lights (taken in the streets from restaurants, shops, supermarkets & ...) was played in the background.The result was recorded & screened live on the other screen. The combination of random people who frequently participated & agreed to stand on the spot and comercial neon words created & introduced an enormous wide range of new expressions & meanings.
Amirali Ghasemi BA in Graphic Design Azad University , Faculty of Art Tehran

Work experience:

• Graphic design: since 1998

• Photography: digital & analouge since 1997

• Director of Parkingallery art space since 1998

• Web design & photography instruction in the Parkingallery Studio since 2000

• Co-production of 4 short documentary films 2000-2005

• Design of Meera band's back projection clips, Feb. 2003

• Design of Dna band's back projection clips, Oct 2003

• Design of 127 band's back projection clips, May 2004 (with Reza Haeri)


30 group & solo exhibitions in Tehran Art Galleries , including 5 drawing exhibitions & 12 graphic design exhibitions & 6 video installations


- Fifth Prize of the 2001 Tokoha CG Art (Computer Generated Art) Exhibition for the “Portrait of Forough (an Iranian Poetess)”, Jan. 2002, Tokoha Art Museum , Tokoha , Japan

- Second Prize of the Web and Multimedia section for the design of the site: “,” at the 7th Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers' Artworks, March 2002


• Participation in Annex section of the 8th International Iranian Photo Exhibition 1998, Tehran Contemporary Art Museum , Tehran , IRAN

• Participation in ‘Under 21 Year-old' & ‘Experimental' sections of the First Tehran International Contemporary Drawing Exhibition, Dec.1999/Jan. 2000, Tehran Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, IRAN

• Participation in the First Self Promotional Posters Exhibition by Iranian Graphic Designers, Spring 2001, Tehran Contemporary Art Museum , Tehran , IRAN

• Participation in the 2001 Tokoha CG Art Exhibition, Tokoha Museum of Art , Tokoha , JAPAN

• Participation in the 7th Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers' artworks, February/March 2002 Niavaran Cultural Center Art Gallery , Tehran , IRAN

• Participation in the 9th Competition – Exhibition of Students' Posters in the frame of the 13th Festival of Posters at Chaumont: «Etudiants, Tous à Chaumont» with the title « L'Image du Monde/Le monde des Images» (World of Images/Image of the World), June 2002, Chaumont , France

• Dancing Fan in Iran 's Pavilion in Venice as Selected Collection by TMCA Sep 2002

• Participation in 2002 German poster museum exhibition: "Children Are The Rhythm of the World" in Essen , Germany [see poster here].

• Participation in 2002 1st Korean International Poster Biennial cultural poster, Nov. 2002 [see poster here]

• Participation in 10th Competition – Exhibition of Students' Posters in the frame of the 14th Festival of Posters at Chaumont: «Etudiants, Tous à Chaumont» under the title «Drugs: Pleasures, Hazards, Addictions», June 2003, Chaumont , France

• Participation in Un Cri Persan (graphistes d' iran ): Persian Shout (Iranian graphic design exhibition) as an IGDS member, Chaumont , France , Sep 2003 [see posters here]

• International Art Blog Online exhibition organized by the centre of attention gallery London , Sep 13th - Oct 13th,2003

• Participation in 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial February/March 2004, Khial Art Gallery , Tehran , IRAN [see poster here]

• Participation in the 9th Tehran International Photography Biennial June July 2004, Khial Art Gallery , Tehran , IRAN.

Featured in Art Magazines such as Bidoun (UAE), Freize (UK), Etapes (France) , (2+3)D (Polland), Typo (Czech Republic), Neshan (Iran) Andishe-e-Iranshar (Iran) & Tasvir :Image Of the year (Iran) .And Iranian Newspapers such as Akhbar, Entekhab & Iran newspaper.


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