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Monday, September 13, 2004

FILTERing the I-gizmo & my Photoblog

my photoblog is FILTERed By another ISP: Datak
what's happening? what are you escaping from? How a photography website & photoblog should seem political to you?aren't you carzy?what should we do? demonstartion in the street?signing some useless papers? sending letters?
For god's sake stop this or....!!!

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Shervin said...

Hi there. I check all the Iris addresses (Your's and Nariman's photoblogs and the main page). I'm on Datak and I believe that they unfiltered the blog due people submitting the address again and again. But the i-gizmo site main page is still blocked because sexual contents.
By the way, this is for you want us to shout out loud somewhere else...Sepanta, eh? Neda?